Tell Ofgem to end energy debt

At the beginning of May energy company Shell was in the news again, reporting their highest profits for 115 years.

Energy companies like Shell are making billions during the cost of living crisis/popping Champagne and spreading caviar while our energy bills have skyrocketed pushing more and more people into debt.

Millions of people up and down the UK are now weighed down by £2.4 billion of energy debt.

But we’ve got a chance to change this. Ofgem, the energy regulator, is holding a consultation to work out what to do about so called ‘bad debt’ – debt that’s unlikely to ever be paid off. Though instead of looking at ways for it to be written off, they are proposing a £30 increase on to our bills to cover the cost to energy companies! 

Instead of increasing our bills, Ofgem should call on the government to find a way to deal with debt without saddling households with even higher costs.

Thousands of us have signed our petition calling for an end to energy debt, now’s our chance to tell the energy regulator they have to play their part.

There are only five days to submit a response, so the more of us who call for action on energy debt, the higher the chance we can win change down the line.

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