Who we are

Debt Justice is a part of a global movement to end unjust debt and the poverty and inequality it perpetuates. Only together can we build a fair economy that serves people and the planet.

We are a UK based charity founded in 1996.

Our work is inspired by the ancient concept of the Jubilee, a periodic resetting of debts, and everything it represents – debt cancellation, celebration, hope, restoration, redistribution and justice. We believe no-one should be forced into debt just to put food on the table or pay for essential healthcare. And yet that’s the reality for many countries across the world, and households here in the UK.

Through fiercely informed campaigning, we build collective power with those affected so together we can rewrite the rules of global finance and build a fair economy for all.

We have

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Debt Justice’s work is underpinned by our Memorandum & Articles of Association and governed by our Board of Trustees.

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