The Big Give Christmas Challenge, 5-7 December

UPDATE: Saturday 7 December

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated over the three days of the Big Give.

The matched funds have now run out, and we’ve raised a brilliant £7,200, which has been doubled to £14,400! This will go a long way towards putting our campaigns on the front foot in 2014.

Obviously we haven’t reached our full end-of-year fundraising target, so if you didn’t get a chance to donate via the Big Give, we would still massively appreciate any donation you can make via our donate page.

UPDATE: Friday 6 December

Thank you so much to everyone who donated today! Matched funding was available on and off for two-and-three-quarter hours, but we know it was more ‘off’ than ‘on’ because of the reserving system, so a Big Thank You to everyone who persisted. We’re nearly 30% of the way to our target, which is brilliant for an organisation relying on lots of small and medium donations not a few large ones, but we still have a long way to go.

Tomorrow is the last chance to get your donation doubled, so once again make sure you donate at EXACTLY 10am. If you are asked to ‘check back in a few minutes’ because all funds are reserved, it means matched funds can still become available, so persistance will be rewarded!

Of course, all donations are eligible for Gift Aid, so even unmatched donations will help us reach our end of year fundraising target of £20,000, which is absolutely vital to our work in 2014.

UPDATE: Thursday 5 December

Today’s matched funding only lasted 8 minutes! So to give you the best chance of having your donation doubled, please make sure you donate at EXACTLY 10am on Friday or Saturday…

If you’d like to get a text message reminder from us just before 10am tomorrow or Friday, make sure to fill in the box below.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge

Starting this Thursday there will be a brilliant opportunity to make a gift to the Jubilee Debt Campaign go further, with the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

For three days all donations made via the Big Give website can be doubled for free – and have twice the impact on our work to break the chains of debt:

  • Thursday 5 December, from 10am
  • Friday 6 December, from 10am
  • Saturday 7 December, from 10am

What we’re fundraising for

We are raising money for our core work of challenging the enormous and unjust debts which rich countries and their banks created in the developing world and which still keep the people of many countries locked in a debtor’s prison today.

Our big priorities for coming months include demanding debt cancellation for the Philippines, supporting Grenada’s brave stand for debt justice, and continuing our work to Stop Vulture Funds.

You can also find out more about the project on The Big Give website.

How will my donation be doubled?

Donations will be doubled from a combination of matched funding raised by The Big Give and pledges already made by other Jubilee Debt Campaign supporters.

How do I donate?

The Big Give starts at 10am on Thursday 5 December. You can donate by going to the Jubilee Debt Campaign page on The Big Give website.

As there are limited doubling funds available, there is more chance of successfully doubling your donation if you donate as soon as possible after 10am on any of the days.

If you haven’t donated online before, the Big Give has a simple guide to making online donations for the first time.

Sign up for a text message reminder

If you would like us to send you reminder by SMS once the Big Give goes live, fill in your details below.

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