Question your candidates on debt this election 

On Thursday 4th July we go to the polls – can you help get debt onto the political agenda? 

A UK general election gives us a big opportunity to force the issue of debt onto the agenda of candidates from all parties. And rarely has the need been more urgent – right now, we’re in the worst global debt crisis in thirty years, with financial giants trapping countries in unfair debt. 

While this crisis is impacting millions in lower-income countries, here in the UK the number of ‘over-indebted’ people is up nearly a third since 2017. Over 10 million people are now heavily weighed down by debt. 

Before we head to the ballot box, there are going to be many opportunities to question candidates locally about both the global and UK household debt crises. We’ve outlined some of these below – and how to make the most of them.  

We’ve pulled together two supporter guides which explain how to get the issue of debt under your candidates’ noses, including some example questions: 

Two of the key places to ask candidates a question about debt are: 

  1. Hustings events 

Hustings are events where candidates standing for an election debate policies and answer questions from the audience. They can be themed around a particular topic, like climate or the cost-of-living crisis, but they can also be general.  

Hustings events are generally open to anyone. To find out where they’re happening in your area, look in your local newspaper, community notice boards, libraries, doctors’ surgeries, on local radio stations and in shop windows. Online, try checking events listings pages like Eventbrite, looking on social media, in relevant local Nextdoor, Facebook and Whatsapp groups, or by searching relevant hashtags. 

  1. On your doorstep 

Party activists may be knocking on your door or phoning you to see whether you would consider voting for them. This is a prime opportunity to make your voice heard on the need for action on debt. 

Together, let’s use this opportunity to get candidates taking about debt!

For ideas on what questions to ask, check out these two supporter guides on the global debt crisis and the household debt crisis. And if you manage to put a question to a local candidate, please let us know by dropping an email to info@debtjustice.org.uk 

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