Cancel the debt for climate justice

As world leaders meet in Egypt for the COP27 climate conference – we all know how much is at stake.

But for many lower income countries, dealing with the worst effects of the climate crisis will only be possible if debts are cancelled.

Caused by the climate emergency, Pakistan’s devastating floods have displaced 33 million people since June. However, this year alone, US$18 billion in debt payments will be claimed from the people of Pakistan by foreign lenders. They need debt cancellation, and they need it now.

Pakistan isn’t alone, around the world 54 countries are in debt crisis.

Watch the online webinar to find out more about the links between debt, reparations and the climate crisis and hear about how you can get involved in the campaign.

Our panel included Tatiana Garavito, organiser and activist, Farooq Tariq, campaigner and General Secretary, representing small farmers in Pakistan, and Tess Woolfenden, Senior Policy Officer at Debt Justice.

This year a new fund to deal with the loss and damage caused by climate change is on the agenda at COP27. There’s a chance to push for these funds to be given in the form of grants, not more loans, but only if enough of us join the campaign.

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