Event: 70th Anniversary of Germany’s debt cancellation

Debt Cancellation: Who calls the shots?
27 February, 19:00 GMT 

Is debt cancellation realistic? With multiple crises happening around the world – climate, pandemics, and recessions- debt cancellation seems like an impossible ask. 

So let’s be realistic, and demand the impossible. 

On 27th Feb, 70 years ago, the impossible happened. Countries across the world agreed to cancel Germany’s debt. This significantly contributed to the growth of the post-war German economy and re-emergence of Germany as a world economic power. 

Countries that agreed to cancel Germany’s debt included Pakistan, Zambia and Sri Lanka – countries that today are in a debt crisis of their own.  

51 other countries around the world are also in debt crisis. Whilst many debts are owed to private lenders, international financial institutions and governments still wield enough power to make a difference. We just need to make them. 

Join our Executive Director Heidi Chow, and three amazing speakers as they take us on a journey from how debt cancellation was achieved, to why we need to fight for debt cancellation now. 

  • Kristina Rehbein – From our sister organisation Jubilee Germany, will cover the historic debt cancellation for Germany, and other key moments in the 20th century where campaigners have fought for debt justice 
  • Jayati Ghosh – Economics professor and public intellectual will talk about the current situation with the global economy, especially in the global south, and why now is a key moment for debt cancellation 
  • Sunny Morgan – Climate activist from South Africa will provide case studies for countries on the front line of the climate crisis who are currently in debt, and why British colonialism has to be part of the conversation. 

27 February, 19:00 GMT

Photo of Jayati Ghosh, Kirstina Rehbein, Sunny Morgan and Heidi Chow. Text reads: Debt Cancellation: Who calls the shots. Text reads: Debt Cancellation: Who calls the shots. Jayati Ghosh, Kirstina Rehbein, Sunny Morgan and Heidi Chow. Monday 27 Feb, 7pm GMT, 8pm CET, 9pm UTC+2
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