Event: Debt, colonialism, and the climate crisis.

Are you a member of a grassroots group working on issues of climate, racial, or economic justice, or another social justice issue?  

Want to learn how debt and colonialism relate to your organising, and how we make our movements stronger? Then join us for a workshop in London on Saturday 26 August.

Right now, 54 countries are in debt crisis, with the need to make high interest debt repayments stopping them from investing in healthcare, education, and responding to the climate crisis. This is not an accident. For centuries, powerful governments, institutions and corporations have used debt to control and plunder the resources of countries in the global South for their own gain.  

From colonial powers forcing countries into debt at the point of independence, to allowing corporations like BlackRock to continue to make huge profits from debt repayments today, we can’t fight today’s debt crisis without understanding its roots.  

This interactive workshop will explain the history of the colonial debt crisis, what it means for our wider movements, and how we can work together to support each other’s campaigns. 

When: Saturday 26 August 2023, 2pm-5pm.
Where: Mezzanine Hall, Waterloo Action Centre, London.  

Access information: Wheelchair access, accessible toilets, gender neutral toilets. Please get in touch with any other access requirements (e.g. hearing loop, quiet space, etc) and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. You can email us at info@debtjustice.org.uk 

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