Artists explore the legacy of colonialism and today’s debt crisis 

For more information, interviews and to confirm attendance at the launch event, contact Jerome Phelps on +44 7307 620372, Jerome@debtjustice.org.uk 

  • ‘It’s the debt that you owe’: debt, colonialism, and resistance’ is at Peckham Levels from 9 – 17 November 2023, admission is free 
  • Launch event 8 November, doors 6.30pm followed by performances from 7.30pm 

The exhibition ‘It’s the debt that you owe’: debt, colonialism, and resistance’ will take over Peckham Levels from 8 November, featuring visual and performance work by 12 artists investigating how the legacy of colonialism has led to the debt crisis of today. 

Artists with connections to countries in debt crisis, including Barbados, Venezuela and Sri Lanka, will present work across a wide variety of mediums, from break dancing to oil painting, sculpture to songwriting, graphic typography to animation. 

The exhibition will be launched on 8th November with a night of entertainment featuring live performances from the artists, premiere screenings of the video work, and a chance to learn more about the global struggle for debt justice. The first 50 people to arrive will receive a free drink from Peckham Levels’ popular bar. The exhibition will then run for a further week until 17th November. 

The exhibition is curated by Debt Justice, a campaigning charity, and presents work that explores the impact of debt on countries in the global south, including through the artists’ own lived experience. The work investigates the colonial capitalist underpinnings of debt and resistance to neo-colonial oppression. 

Skye Golding, Organiser at Debt Justice said: 

“Unjust debt is keeping countries in poverty and channelling their resources to rich countries and multinational companies. Debt is too often seen as a neutral technical issue, and its direct relationship to colonial injustice is forgotten. We are excited to work with artists who are bringing the connections between debt and colonial exploitation to life based on their personal connections to countries in debt.”

Schools and community groups are encouraged to visit the exhibition. There will be a Debt Justice staff member on site during opening hours who can share more about the exhibition and the issues of debt justice, climate justice, colonial legacies, reparations and resistance. 


Debt Justice (formerly Jubilee Debt Campaign) is a UK charity working to end poverty caused by unjust debt through education, research and campaigning: https://debtjustice.org.uk/  

The full list of participating artists is: 

  • Amber Khokar 
  • Blema Etrey 
  • CJ Simon 
  • dfawzi 
  • Gayathiri Kamalakanthan and Josie Dale-Jones 
  • Katherine Hasegawa 
  • Jelly Cleaver 
  • Monique Jackson 
  • Nadina Ali 
  • Nicola Constantina 
  • Selena Scott 

Press images and details of artists  

‘Empire’ by Selena Scott, Credit: Selena Scott 

Further information on artists and their work can be obtained via https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1spms1LwlLAestVZr_MH0bnkWKn8OOB28ii?usp=sharing .  

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