Jubilee Debt Campaign becomes Debt Justice

From 16 May 2022, we’ll be known as Debt Justice.  

Why change the name? 

We are proud of our origins, our campaigning history and what Jubilee Debt Campaign represents – but the word, Jubilee, can also be a barrier to engaging new people who aren’t familiar with the concept of debt jubilee and are more likely to associate the word with the monarchy.  

As a campaigning organisation, we need people to take action with us to help us influence decision makers and win change. We are hoping that the new name will appeal to wider audiences and get people interested in debt campaigning.  

When we surveyed our supporters and partners, it was clear that justice is a key value and the need to see economic justice as a driving force behind our campaigns. 

Does this change your focus? 

We might have a new name and a new logo, but our work remains the same. The new name does not change why we are here, the work we do or our values: We are a campaigning organisation that exists to stop unjust debts driving poverty and inequality in lower income countries and in the UK. We build the power of affected people and platform their demands in our campaigns and play a pivotal role in national and international movements. 

What’s the new logo about? 

Along with changing our name, we also needed to update how we look and feel. Here’s our new logo: 

The logo was inspired by the mathematical null symbol representing our demand to an end of the boom-bust cycle of harmful, exploitative debt. The clean circle represents our policy expertise with the hand drawn dash representing our activism.  We hope it is a powerful symbol of the vision that our movement is fighting for through the cancellation of unjust debt and the creation of a fair economy.   

How do I get in touch with you?  

You can get in touch with us using our new email address:  info@debtjustice.org.uk 

Join us to help relaunch our organisation

We would like to invite you to celebrate this relaunch by joining us at our online launch party on the 16 May. We have chosen this date in celebration of one of the key moments in our campaigning history, when supporters formed a human chain around Birmingham.

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More questions about this change

The Q&A below should help answer any questions you have about this change, but please do get in touch to let us know what you think, or with any other questions, you can email us: info@debtjustice.org.uk

Our website, social media channels and other communications will all change from Jubilee Debt Campaign to Debt Justice. We have chosen this date in celebration of one of the key moments in our campaigning history, when supporters formed a human chain around Birmingham.

We would like to invite you to our online launch event to celebrate our reluanch.

If you have a regular gift (by Standing Order, Direct Debit or CAF account), your donations will continue as normal and there is no need to do anything.If you donate by cheque, from May 2022 you should make out cheques to ‘Debt Justice’ rather than ‘Jubilee Debt Campaign’ – but our bank will still accept cheques made out to ‘Jubilee Debt Campaign’ for quite a while.

Yes, we have sister organisations in over thirty countries in the world, and we will continue to campaign alongside them. Many have also changed their names in recent years, and most do not use the word Jubilee. The Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development is the foremost organisation working in Asia on debt justice, for example.

After we relaunch with our new name, we will continue to state that we were ‘formerly known as Jubilee Debt Campaign’ in our public communications. This will likely continue for up to a year to help us transition to our new name.

In addition to our name change, we will have a new logo and new colours to represent the organisation. This will give us a refreshed, more current look.


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