Webinar invitation: new debt crisis in the global south

Join our online webinar to hear from Head of Policy, Tim Jones, about what actually happened when world leaders met this summer to discuss the debt crisis, how your actions made a difference, and for an update on the campaign.

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This summer together we put pressure on MPs ahead of the G20 meeting of the world’s most powerful leaders. We made sure the New Debt Crisis was high on the agenda.

With your help we persuaded 51 MPs to sign-on to a letter calling on the then Chancellor to support measures to increase transparency, so that lenders and borrowers can be held to account on how loans are used. We also hosted campaigners from Mozambique who came to London to hold banks to account for their role in the southern African country’s debt crisis.

Campaigning together we had an impact, with a new transparency scheme launched, but the G20 fell short on introducing the meaningful changes we were calling for.

With Argentina in the news as the country tries to restructure its debt, and Zambia on the brink of a debt crisis now more than ever we need to keep up the pressure.

Join this online webinar to hear about the impact your campaigning is having and what’s next for the campaign:

When: Tuesday 1 October 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Please sign up using Zoom here.*

*If you have any difficulty registering please contact Tim [at] jubileedebt.org.uk for advice

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