Together Against Debt

Building the power of people in debt to campaign for change

Together Against Debt builds the collective power of people that have experienced personal debt to tackle the UK’s household debt crisis.  

We’ve just released our Peoples’ Manifesto on Debt, ahead of the next general election. Read about it here:

Around 10 million of us in the UK are heavily in debt – rising bills and low wages have left us weighed down by rent, council tax, energy, credit card and loan payments.  

The only way to achieve debt justice is to come together to change the rigged system by: 

  • Developing grassroots campaigns and bringing them together to form a powerful national political voice
  • Telling our personal stories in public and in the media to raise awareness of the causes of unjust debt as well as reducing stigma and isolation
  • Developing and advocating for policy solutions that match the scale of the debt crisis

Using community organising techniques, our Together Against Debt project empowers people to lead and win debt related campaigns. We currently have groups in south and north London, Manchester and Glasgow.  

In Glasgow we have been working with trade union allies to get £300,000 of school meal debt written off by the council. 

In London we have organised to secure £1 million worth of repairs to the Leigham Court estate which will help prevent residents building up energy debt.

In Manchester with the ACORN community union we won an end to the council use of bailiffs to collect council tax arrears.

This project brings together people who are facing debt problems to campaign for change – because whilst our issues are individual, collectively we can (and will!) change things for the better.  

Watch our latest campaign video here:

This is a joint project with the Centre for Responsible Credit and Debt Justice If you want to find out more about the project or get involved email: joe [at] debtjustice.org.uk 

Building the power of people in debt to campaign for change

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