Together Against Debt – People’s Manifesto

If you are facing mounting bills, you aren’t alone. Twelve million of us are now in serious debt in the UK.

We should all be able to live our lives without being dragged down by debt. But for millions, the cost of living crisis and rising interest rates has made this impossible. 

“It’s give with the one hand and take with the other. I might get a few quid off my energy bill but that’s swallowed up by food prices going through the roof. I still don’t have peace of mind and I am already dreading winter when my energy bills will go up again.”

Junnie Braithwaite, London

People who were able to keep their head above water are now having to navigate awful choices, between putting food on the table or keeping the lights on. Families, who had been just staying afloat, face being overwhelmed by rising unmanageable debts.  

Soon there is going to be a general election, but so far politicians have said very little about how they plan to tackle the debt crisis facing many of us across the country.  

That’s why we’re coming together to build a manifesto for what we want to see changed. It’s time politicians heard about the devastating effect debt is having in our communities and on people’s lives up and down the UK.  

Over the next few months, we’ll be gathering the views of people who are experiencing the stress of debt, talking about the household debt issues that are impacting our communities most and prioritising which solutions we need to include in our Together Against Debt Manifesto.  

If you want to get involved there’s lots of ways to have your say:

We’ll deliver our Together Against Debt manifesto to all political parties, if enough of us get involved then we know we can’t be ignored.  

Together, we are speaking out and standing up for our family, friends and neighbours who have been saddled with unpayable debts, in a crisis that nobody could plan for.  

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